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Campaign Poster 2010 Election

I read the article by Ali Mufuruki titled “The problem of Zanzibar cannot be addressed without understanding the Revolution” in The East African magazine, with a unique sense of excitement and yet at the same time I was shocked and awed by the level of ignorance that he displayed in his latest narrative aimed at perpetuating a pseudo-justification that adds nothing more than extending the mainland Tanzania’s grip and entrench direct rule over the sovereignty of Zanzibar. Mr. Mufuruki should clearly understand by now that the majority of the people of Zanzibar see these kinds of narratives as nothing but the product of ethno-supremacist hatred made from the CCM’s neo-colonial enterprise over Zanzibar.  And that is why for that reason, and in defiance of such ideological import from the mainland, the majority of the people of Zanzibar, irrespective of their ethnic background, colour, religion or creed, have rejected such politics of hatred and instead voted for hope and aspirations of the modern day needs of the economic and social progress since 1995 as Mr. Mufuruki himself admits.

If Mufuruki’s narrative were to be accepted, how then would you explain the so-called “descendants of slavers” emerging as winners of all these elections since 1995? Does Mufuruki imply that racist and ethno-supremacist politics of CCM that risk inviting a new breed of political fascism in Zanzibar come before the sanctity of an individual’s democratic right which is the right to a free, fair, credible and just vote?

Talk about history and it is the CCM’s ideological lens that continues to disseminate such a vicious and ridiculous propaganda in schools, demonizing Arabs and Swahilis in particular and Muslims in general in their never-ending thirst to use the historical evil of 17th, 18th and 19th century slavery in order to distract the people and glorify the genocide they committed just 50 years ago and their present day evils and failures to recognize the sovereign right of Zanzibar in the Union, or suffocation of democracy and wanton violation of human rights against helpless, vulnerable and defenceless people of Zanzibar who are now being literally flooded with Jakaya Kikwete’s military arsenal as if Tanzania was going to war against another powerful sovereign state in the neighbourhood. Mufuruki’s personal arrogance and ignorance makes matters worse when he adds a pseudo-Marxist analysis about classes, and yet again, equate all this to ethnicity in a population that is so ethnically mixed. Doesn’t he know that there is hardly a family in Zanzibar that has no relatives from other so called "ethnic groups”? He should have sincerely done just a little research and discover for himself  how many among the Revolutionary Council had "Arab" or "Indian" wives, and how many of their children were married to so called "non-African" or go back into history and find out how many Sultans of Zanzibar had "African" ancestors as well; or even travel to Zanzibar today and carry out a real statistical census and see for himself the demographic composition of the voters who voted for CUF in another hijacked elections last week.

Zanzibar is made up of small islands community just like any other small islands in the world - whether in Caribbean, Pacific, or in the Indian Ocean region. Mufuruki should know that what CCM is doing is to show to other small island communities in the world that some continental states like Tanganyika would stop at nothing in ensuring the total annexation of a people whose fate was almost sealed 51 years ago and complete that annexation of a people with a total overhaul of their history, culture and a way of life.

Every society, at some point of time, succeeds in seeking reconciliation and we in Zanzibar began the process in November 2009 when our two great leaders, Seif Shariff Hamad and Dr. Amaan Abeid Karume brought Zanzibar back from the brink and began the process of a true national reconciliation. It proved that Zanzibaris were able, out of their own will and choice, to come together and rebuild their country without a direct negative interference from imperial Tanganyika’s CCM. In July 2010, 66% of Zanzibaris voted to install a Government of National Unity and reject the politics preferred by the imperialists in Tanganyika. What then is Mufuruki’s agenda if not servicing the divisive imperialist politics instigated by Tanganyika’s CCM over Zanzibar today? It is Mufuruki who needs to be educated – and not from Tanganyika’s school curriculum which is loaded with propaganda -- and understand what Zanzibar and Zanzibaris want, not for him to have that ignorant view of defining who we are. We are a sovereign people, just like any other in this world.

Zanzibaris need an immediate and a permanent international intervention before CCM’s military rule starts clamping down on our pro-democracy advocates. Majority of Zanzibaris who came out to vote in droves for change last Sunday are grateful of an array of international community who came out in defence of democracy, justice and equality. We need more international intervention to restore our democratic right of choice and stop illegal interference from CCM in Tanganyika with its imperial colonial designs. CCM’s imperial colonial agenda is the problem devoid of solution, and Mufuruki should not, as a consequence of his ignorance and narrow perspectives, attempt to intimidate the international community on behalf of CCM. Parenthetically, there are many foreigners, some working in embassies, who are better informed about the problems between Zanzibar and Tanganyika than the likes of Mufuruki.

Sadly, the people of Zanzibar are left pinned between the rock and a hard place. Yet again, their just and democratic aspirations are being dismissed with extreme prejudice and at the level of political arrogance exercised by imperial CCM in Tanganyika in front of the international community. We need international intervention to restore democracy rather than being bombarded by negative narratives coming from people such as Mufuruki who are part of the problem for Zanzibaris and in many ways for themselves and their own future as well, even though they are incapable of perceiving this fact. 

 Firash Miharbi 

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