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Below is a cut and paste from Wikipedia.

Please compare and contrast between Ton Ton Macoute of Haiti and Zombies of Zanzibar.
You will surely come across very interesting similarities:

''After the July 1958 Haitian coup d'état attempt against President François Duvalier, he disbanded the army and all law enforcement agencies in Haiti and executed numerous officers.[citation needed] He created a paramilitary force in 1959, Milice de Volontaires de la Sécurité Nationale (Militia of National Security Volunteers or MVSN), two years after he became president, that answered only to him. He perceived a threat to his regime from the regular armed forces.
Duvalier authorized the Tontons Macoutes to commit systematic violence and human rights abuses to suppress political opposition. They were responsible for unknown numbers of murders and rapes in Haiti. Political opponents often disappeared overnight, or were sometimes attacked in broad daylight. Tontons Macoutes stoned and burned people alive. Many times they put the corpses of their victims on display, often hung in trees for everyone to see and take as warnings against opposition. Family members who tried to remove the bodies for proper burial often disappeared themselves. Anyone who challenged the MVSN risked assassination. Their unrestrained state terrorismwas accompanied by corruption, extortion and personal aggrandizement among the leadership. The victims of Tontons Macoutes could range from a woman in the poorest of neighborhoods who had previously supported an opposing politician to a businessman who refused comply with extortion threats (ostensibly as donations for public works, but which were in fact the source of profit for corrupt officials and even President Duvalier). The Tontons Macoutes murdered between 30,000 and 60,000 Haitians.[9]
Luckner Cambronne led the Tonton Macoute throughout the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s. His cruelty earned him the nickname "Vampire of the Caribbean". He profited by extortion carried out by his followers. In 1971, President Duvalier died and his widow Simone, and son Baby Doc Duvalier ordered Cambronne into exile. Cambronne moved to Miami, Florida where he lived until his death in 2006.[10]

Some of the most important members of the Tonton Macoute were vodou leaders. This religious affiliation gave the Macoutes a kind of unearthly authority in the eyes of the public. From their methods to their choice of clothes, vodou always played an important role in their actions. The Tontons Macoutes wore straw hats, blue denim shirts and dark glasses, and were armed with machetes and guns. Both their allusions to the supernatural and their physical presentations were used with the intention of instilling fear and respect.''[7][11][12]

This cut and past from FB is really incriminating:

Last night masked men known as "zombies " who are CCM zealots destroyed a CUF baraza at Michenzani, ZANZIBAR.
These groups of masked men have been terrorizing Zanzibar Town with impunity since election process started back in September. Their activities have been reported to the Zanzibar Police headquarter on several occasions but the police have chosen to turn a blind eye.
These terrorist groups have been practicing terrorist actions of killing civilians, rape, beating, injuring and many forms of harassment. These are done to the opposition supporters (CUF members). The government is silent about these.
It's believed that these culprits are being protected by police as they themselves are members of the Zanzibar government special forces. It's also believed that the zombies are directly reporting to Balozi Seif Ali Iddi (second vice president of Zanzibar) and Haji Omar Kheri (special forces minister).
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