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Balozi Mwapachu akikitambulisha kitabu chake
''Tanzania in the Age of Change and Transfomation''
Mgeni wa Heshima Prof. Mark Mwandosya

Balozi Ali Mchumu

Balozi Juma Mwapachu akitia sahihi yake katika kitabu cha
msomaji Mzee Khamisi Salum

I have been reading Balozi Juma Volta Mwapachu from our early life. Our first encounter was in Tukuyu, former Rungwe District, during the late 1950s.

He came to Tukuyu along with his father, Kibwana Bakari Mwapachu (RIP), one of the first African district officers.

The District Commissioner was Mzee Yessaya Nkata.

Balozi Juma Mwapachu had an early potential for authorship.

At Mpuguso Middle School, he excelled in English debates; challenging peers and seniors alike.

Excellent essay writing skills and discourse, has placed him in good stead to write. 

Talk of life drama, Balozi Mwapachu has always impressed. 

I fondly recall his involvement, along with Cleveland Nkata, Francis Louis and my young brother, Balozi Emmanuel Mwambulukutu, innocent truancy swimming in the forbidden then Rungwe Botanical Garden.

They had to face the cane at the instigation of angry parents, the DC and DO.

This early dramatic life partly helps explain how Balozi Mwapachu morphed into a bona fide author.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating: his latest title: Tanzania in the Age of Transformation is only a sequel to his acclaimed book: ‘’Challenging the Frontiers of African Integration.’’ (November 2012).

These two books, relevant and must reads, ought to read along with his prolific writings. 
Congratulations Balozi Juma Mwapachu.

Ulli K. Mwambulukutu

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